Practicum Site Presentation for Stakeholders

Practicum Site Presentation for Stakeholders
Developing A Healthcare Providers Professional Guidelines For People With Developmental Disabilities

For this week’s assignment, you will present your project report at your site. Invite as many stakeholders of the project as possible for your audience.
If you have not completed implementation, follow the instructions below:
Report on everything you have accomplished so far and then draw conclusions based on what would result if you were to take the project to its logical end.
Present your practicum project report to stakeholders at your site. Include time for a question-and-answer period at the end of your presentation.
Note: If you are unable to present your project report at your practicum site, contact your instructor to discuss alternative options.
Write a report on your site presentation. Include the following in your report:
Your impressions of how the presentation was received by the site
Stakeholder feedback regarding the implications of the project for them
An explanation of the role you played (if any) in the implementation of the project (I developed the project plan)
The questions asked during Q&A session and your answers to those questions (question was about cost
my answer was 1 hour of staffs time to sit through training, the benefit is being ADA compliant)

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