Practicum Project Presentation with Peer Review

Practicum Project Presentation with Peer Review
Developing A Healthcare Providers Professional Guidelines For People With Developmental Disabilities.
In this week’s assignment, you will present and record your practicum project report for your peers. The focus of this assignment is on your presentation skills.
but analyze the hypothetical outcomes that would most likely happen if you allowed the project to reach its conclusion.
Develop a 12- to 15-minute oral report on your practicum project.
Consider the following structure as a guide for constructing your presentation:

Practicum Project Presentation with Peer Review
Background and objectives
Project objectives
Reason for project
Issues and documented need
Expected results
Detail scope of the project
Implementation process with tasks (can use the WBS as visual support)
Summary of findings
Recommendations (based on key findings and issues)
Application of results
Implications for research, practice, policy
Conclusion (Summarize and discuss approach and processes used, project objectives, issues with resolutions.)
Consider incorporating the following into your presentation as a means of enhancing your presentation’s delivery:
Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides