Stakeholders in hospital management: Who Are the Major Players, What Issues Do They Care About, and Why?

Stakeholders in hospital management: Who Are the Major Players, What Issues Do They Care About, and Why?

The major stakeholders interested in my plan include the hospital management team and the wards in charge. These are the most important people when it comes to hospital management and running. They are the ones responsible for employing people to work in the organization. Human resource management is part of the rules. They understand the staffing needs of the hospital and weigh it against their financial plans (Penner, 2016). Every member in the hospital management team represents a team under them. The wards in charge understand the staffing requirements of the wards they manage.

The hospital management team is interested in the well running of the hospital. They are concerned with good patient outcomes in every area of the hospital. They make plans and budget for the expenses of the hospital. Maintaining the hospital’s mission, visions, and goals is part of their duty. The wards in charge are responsible for the patients in their wards. They ensure that the care they get is according to standard international guidelines (McHugh et al., 2016). They ensure that the delivery of care by the health workers in their respective wards is patient centered and of high quality.

These people are important because all the decisions are made through them. When the hospital faces issues related to staffing, it is the nurse in charge that reports to the hospital management team so that necessary action can be taken. The financial implications of recruiting more staff must be first approved by the hospital management team before they can consider recruiting (Waxman, 2017). This, therefore, makes the wards in charge and the hospital management team key people in my business plan.



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