personal nursing philosophy

personal nursing philosophy

A personal nursing philosophy acts as a guide to nurses for the provision of care to the patients. When I reflect on my nursing experience, I realize that my nursing philosophy of “providing holistic care and promoting patients’ safety” keeps me alive in the nursing profession. Psychiatric nursing is cumbersome because it deals with mentally unstable patients. I always try hard each day to care for the patients by providing emotional and psychological support. Challenges in the workplace cannot be surpassed without assistance, a reason why and I coordinate with my colleagues for better outcomes. One thing that keeps me going in nursing is continuous education. Reading online materials and reviewing fundamental nursing theories have driven me miles and strengthened my abilities towards the fulfillment of my nursing philosophy.

The culture care theory of Madeleine Leininger describes how patient care can be optimized through understanding their culture. The theory elaborates that different cultures have different caring behaviors. I like this theory because it recognizes cultural values of patients and acknowledges that care should be individualized. Religious concerns, beliefs, and economic aspects should be incorporated into patient care. The theory of transpersonal caring by Jean Watson has given nursing a new look and made it a profession it is today. According to Watson, nursing care promotes health and facilitates healing better than a simple medical cure (McKenna et al, 2014). I use Watson’s theory in my daily nursing activities as medical care does not cater for patient needs. The feeling that one is loved, liked and accepted in the hospital is crucial for healing. Anne Boykin is not left behind in the world of nursing theories. Nursing as a caring theory explains that nurses are in a continuous process of caring for the patients. Any step towards the betterment of the patient’s condition portrays caring. I like the theory because it appreciates the work of nurses and boosts the morale of providing nursing care to the patients.


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