Nursing Philosophy and Metaparadigms

Nursing Philosophy and Metaparadigms
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The nursing field is complex, and it becomes difficult for individuals to define since it is evolving, dynamic and extensive. It is far known to involve both theoretical and practical skills that enable the nurse to be identified as a professional. The nursing philosophy forms the basis of nursing practice irrespective of the changing trends in the field, and it promotes the proper applicaNursing Philosophy and Metaparadigmstion of nursing knowledge as well as the development of the further nursing theory (Marchuk, 2014).

As a nurse who values the profession, my philosophy seeks to …
…Every nurse’s view is surrounded by four parameters including the person, nursing, health, and environment (Whelton, 2017).

The person as a nursing metaparadigm represents an individual who is unique with their own set of values, ideologies, and beliefs. According to Jean Watson, every person has their own set of ideas and sets of needs, and it is imperative to honor and accept the needs of the individual irrespective of the surrounding forces (Branch et al. 2016). Florence Nightingale defines a person as the receiver of care and acknowledges that each person should be treated differently. I have respected prior knowledge from the philosophers, and in my daily practice, I value my patients and provide care individually.

Nursing is an art and science of care that has evolved focusing primarily on the patient. The base of nursing stands on the theoretical and practical route, and according to Watson, incorporation of the two parts encompasses …

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