Organizational Culture and Values: Nursing Leadership

Organizational Culture and Values: Nursing Leadership

The nursing leaders have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the organization meets its objectives in the specified time. They gather all the available resources and distribute accordingly, supervise the employees to ensure they are accountable and give their best. Additionally, in all activities that take place in the organization, they ensure it is to the interest of the patient. However, the much that can be done depends on the resources available, which include the materials and human resource (Weiss, Tappen, & Grimley, 2019).

In the journey of realization of the organizational goals, leaders are faced with several challenges which may sometimes render them powerless. Most of the barriers they face comprise of the organizational barriers which include the following; a bureaucratic system where approval of various activities need to go through different agencies and several series of procedures (Manojlovich, & Ketefian, 2016). These procedures will always take time leading to delays in mobilizing resources and in turn, also result in the delay of the timeframe of realization of the organizational goals.

Financial constrains is another barrier which nursing leaders have no much control over it. Money is the center of all activities in the organization; therefore, inadequate funds means some of the activities will be crippled. Scarce resources make the nursing leaders lack the power to finance different projects and ensure they are completed on time. The other concern is the lack of autonomy in making decisions concerning the organization. In many organizations, leaders are required to make proposals first, which need to go through several agencies for approval or consult their seniors before arriving at the final decision (Northouse, 2018). Through this, leaders feel powerless and are unable to give their best.


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