EBP Proposal: Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment

EBP Proposal: Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment

Projects done in any organization require the consent of stakeholders in the organization. Many projects undertaken in any organization require that certain protocols are followed to see to its implementation. The organizational structure and rules demand that people respect them as they work in the organization.

The organization I work in currently is very flexible. The management team is focused on continuous quality improvement. They admire people who make positive contributions towards continuous quality improvement. They believe in innovative ideas that keep building them to become better with more positive remarks from their customers (Alvesson, & Sveningsson, 2015). They are very concerned of their image because it determines the demand for the services they offer.

Project barriers include reluctant personnel, reluctant members of the management team, the value for tradition and old beliefs which are still acceptable. These factors cause barriers because they give a false sense of achievement but in reality it is still below average. Project facilitators include research evidence, personnel ready for change, members of the management team who see the need for change and patients and families who support the needed change (Körner et al., 2015). Clinical enquiry will include the use of questionnaires to be filled and for privacy, no names will be taken. Strategies to strengthen the organization at its weak points include presenting data from the hospital, presenting research evidence supporting the project, forecasting the future benefits of the project implementation and replacing old beliefs with newer ones (Driskill, 2018). These integrated concepts will gear the members of the health management team towards the implementation of the project for a better hospital experience.


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