Nursing Narrative Essay

Nursing Narrative Essay





Intra-operative care

With the higher percentage of intra-operative processes undertaken with the operative team, I will be tasked to ensure all the needs and care that the patient requires are administered based on the patient and his belief as Mr. J’s operating room nurse. The care that Mr. J is going to get throughout the open heart surgery and coronary artery bypass grafting will be in line with the caring model developed by Kristen Swanson which is the focus of this paper. According to the theory, caring entails five processes that the nurse ought to adhere to provide a holistic, quality and safe care to the patient. The processes encompass of knowing, being with the patient, doing on behalf of the patient, enabling and keeping to the belief of the patient.

Knowing that refers to the nurse understanding the event at hand. By keeping in mind that the patient is anxious and that the intra-operative care affects the post, operative care, I will reassure the patient to allay the anxiety.  All the concerns and questions of the patient will be addressed before the initiation of anesthesia.

Being with the patient which entails the emotional aspect that the nurse ought to observe and walk with the patient throughout. As an operating room nurse, I will ensure that the patient receives all the required care right from the anesthetic care. Before the surgery, a prayer will be conducted to ensure emotional appeasement is achieved with the consideration of the patient’s belief. Besides, I will be available throughout the operation to provide for support for the entire procedure while also representing his interest as the operating nurse.

Doing for the sake of the patient which entails the nurse acting on behalf of the patient and doing all that the patient would have done in the case they were able. Being the patient’s advocate during the entire periods of anesthesia, the safety of patient will be adhered to. This aspect will be attained by ensuring the sterility of the operating room is enhanced throughout via controlling traffic as well as observing various aseptic techniques such as ensuring the operating team does not interact with an unsterile field (Ignatavicius and Workman). Besides, by praying before surgery, this aspect of care will be ascertained. This process of carrying out various activities for the sake of patient also covers the use of the St. Jude’s valve and making it observed will be in line with the wishes and belief of the patient.

Enabling that encompasses promoting the patient via the life processes that they are not familiar with. As the nurse within the operating room, an altar with cow image is made to make the patient comfortable with the surrounding during the period of anesthetic care. Despite being under anesthesia, the patient would go into unconsciousness comfortably being aware that they are under the watch of the sacred being.

Maintaining beliefs that revolve around the maintenance of faith thus assisting the patient to go through the processes (Swanson). With the recognition of the religion of the patient to be Hindu and considers cow as sacred, I will respect the belief. In so doing, the St. Jude’s medical valve will be used for the valve transplant instead of Edwards. The St. Jude’s medical valve is a central-flow prosthesis with is purely made of pyrolytic carbon. This characteristic makes it the most appropriate for use in the case of Mr. J. this type of valve is preferable, unlike Edward’s valve that is derived from cows and would disregard the creature which the patient considers to be sacred.  This care will demonstrate cultural and spiritual competency.

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