Narrative synthesis of literature

Narrative synthesis of literature
This week we will begin the narrative synthesis of literature. This is very time consuming and I want you to have time to submit a polished product. The biggest obstacle to a great synthesis of literature is the organization. You will not just list articles and summarize, you need to analyze and synthesize the evidence and organize your content by themes. Last week, in the lit critique you focused on the method, sample etc (strength of study). This week, the lit synthesis is focused on the results and outcomes. What are the common themes you have found in the literature to help you solve your practice issue?

I want you to share what you have started in the DB, so you can progress with confidence.

1. Share your introductory paragraph (for the lit synthesis, not the entire paper) which briefly describes the synthesis process (cite your resources) and summarizes the content of the body of the lit synthesis.

2. Provide your first 2-3 paragraphs of your literature synthesis.

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