Nursing Care essay

Nursing Care essay


As a registered nurse, I am dedicated to providing the needed care to the senior citizen in the nursing home. There are various advantages attached to these form of setting. One of the advantages is that I can improve my skills at as well as other responsibilities. Older population are faced with various health complication such as chronic illness. Additionally, I can offer various services to patients especially those who have various types of injuries. As a nurse, I can carry out my duties effectively in the effective and efficient manner in collaboration with healthcare professionals such as doctors. I can create a rapport with patients because they are always around. In United States, the aging population is the majority. The government of the United States spends a lot of resources establishing the needed care for the senior citizen especially those suffering from various health complications. Establishing a change within the organization is not easy. My nursing career, for the most recent year is associated with MAXIMUS/Medicaid Choice. MAXIMUS was established in 1975 with the mission of “Helping Government Serve the People” and has assembled a notoriety of magnificence helping states with their wellbeing and human administrations programs. MAXIMUS is a national pioneer in the arrangement of Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Broker administrations, giving effort, training and enlistment benefits in a few states all through the country,as well as in different nations. In 1998, MAXIMUS joined with theNew York State Department of Health(NYSDOH) and Local Department of Social Service (LDSS) offices,to give these same amazing administrations in the push to move New YorkState’s Medicaid customers into oversaw mind. These administrations are given through theYork Medicaid Choice (NYMC) Program, which is situated in New York City. Today, NYMC gives enlistment and training administrations all through various select NYS provinces.The main goals of Medicaid is to provide a healthcare service that is affordable to all the clients. The cost of this medical intervention must also be friendly to both the federal government and Medicaid itself. The impediment in the facility today is that some of the Americans have no proper cover even if the government came up with comprehensive care act. The change, whose main objective is to reduce the bureaucracies and bottlenecks in the acquisition of health policy is in line with the objectives of the organization in that it will make it easier for these Americans to afford care like the rest of the citizens with comprehensive care. This program can fit well with the current program of dual eligibility programs that is underway. The man idea behind this program is to help in the cost cutting practices in healthcare and reduce the amount spent by both the federal government and MAXIMUS. If the program succeeds, it will save the government at least 125 billion dollars in the next five years. One can imagine the amount that the economy can save if every individual affords to get the comprehensive care.                Because the current change suggest further corporation between the government, the hospital and the insurance companies, more citizens can get a platform of reaching government services that were not available before this engagement. The management and the public relations department will be the most affected by the change. This is because they will be out searching for ideas on how to integrate the change into the system as well as appeal to the public.

The change model by Kurt Lewin. The conservatives in the organization (Levasseur, 2001) never welcome introduction of change in an organization. For this reason, it is important to prepare the members psychologically before introduction of the change itself. In this context, the unfreezing will take place by first meeting the top management and explaining in details the need to change the modes of engagement with the clients. I would assure him that the change is for the benefit of the organization in terms of goal attainment and that it is viable if implemented meticulously. I would draw the attention of the management to the fact that many Americans still cannot afford healthcare service fully, yet the main objective of this facility is to facilitate in such cases. It would be important to use figures of the people suffering against the ones benefitting from the comprehensive healthcare to make the situation more serious (Mechanic, &Olfson, 2016).

After this discussion with the stakeholders, it is important to suggest the change in full package ( I would request the management to own the change and carry it forth with passion since they are the bearers of the missions of the facility. During this change, the clients will get the relevant information on how to go about it.

After the introduction of change, it is important to provide a framework for the sustainability of the change (Pugh, 2016). In this concept, it would be important that the facility fully owns the project and create policies that help in its sustenance. Each person should be assured that this change will not compromise his status but only better it. This is also the best stage to provide them with the contingency plans so that they feel secure of the new method of operation.

The Head of Public Relations Department is the first person to take the mantle. This is because the change involves the members of the public, who can need a lot of explanations of how things will happen and why. The task of the public relations manager here will be to concisely explain to the public how the new system is beneficial and the reason they should adopt it.

Another department is the finance department which has the direct link to the insurance companies. If in case the hospital will act as insurance brokers for the companies, the finance department must be more vigilant with their management of the books of account because this is a paradigm shift in the way they operate. It would be more important for the fiancé department to coordinate with the insurance companies in a deeper manner because there is more responsibilities in the side of the hospital.

Overall, the head management must also sit and discuss the direction of this change because no change must take place in the facility without their ratification. The top management must provide the good will to the affected departments because if there is any iota of doubt in the top management, the change is more likely to crumble. The changes mentioned above will have no detrimental effects to the missions and objectives of the facility, but are just sources of improvements. For this reason, the management should evaluate them fully and provide the way forward as to whether they are god or not.















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