Nursing Advocacy

Nursing Advocacy


Nurses not only have a role to give health care services but also have the function of acting as the advocate for the health facility. Most of the times, they are a position to serve as the advocate for the patients (Smith, 2017). However, it should be noted that nurse, as leaders, may serve as the advocate for the entire nursing team.

Roles of a Nurse as an Advocate

Various ways through which a nurse may act as an advocate for the team is suggesting multiple policies to the legislative board that will enhance the nursing practice. Some of the policiesinclude the increase in the number s staffing level in an organization (Debra, 2013). Another way through which the nurse may advocate for policies that may create a change in the working place is through the improvement of the working environment of the nurse. This involves ensuring availability of equipment and other resources. The nurse, therefore, has the role to advocate for this changes on behalf of his/her team.

Another way through which the nurse could advocate for a change in the working environment is through acting as the patient’s advocate. In this case, the nurse ensures that the patient receives quality care (Agarwal, 2010). Thisis through ensuring there is the provision of a safe patient environment. Also, the nurse should ensure that the patient is well informed about the various procedures to be done to them and they consent to these procedures. The nurse also ensures that the privacy of the patient is maintained at all times and that the information regarding the patient is confidential and only accessible to authorized individuals.

These advocacy roles of the nurse are essential in the scope of practice. It is because they ensure they enhance the quality of care in a health facility thereby facilitating change in the working environment.


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