Networking for Academic and Professional Success in healthcare

Networking for Academic and Professional Success in healthcare
Revolutionization of the healthcare systems and practices of care have been achieved
through research activities. New evidence-based practices are presented to transform the quality
of care within the care setting. Technological advancements have initiated a significant impact in
developing nursing through networking for academic and professional success (Spurk,
Meinecke, Kauffeld, & Volmer, 2015). I am determined in educational progress to Ph.D. levels
and career development through individual growth within the nursing practice. These goals align
with my program in nursing informatics. I have also established an interest in becoming a
scholar-practitioner to offer significant contributions to progressively transforming healthcare.
Networking for Academic and Professional Success in healthcare
Information regarding the Walden University and the school of nursing (SON) conforms
with my goals and the targets of becoming a scholar-practitioner. Provision of educational
programs that are contextually and academically relevant to the scholar-practitioner model
thrives on my professional and career path (Johansen, & O'brien, 2016, January). It encompasses
enhancement of critical thinking skills and techniques to select and implement the evidence-
based practices, including contemporary knowledge aiding in the transformation of care delivery.
It also involves the contribution of nursing, health, and sciences through presentations,
publishing, and practicing within the organization; these are the main domains in becoming a
Collaboration with professionals from different disciplines other than nursing could
broaden the scope of thinking and trigger the borrowing of ideas and concepts into the nursing
practice. Thus, alignment with pharmacists, physicians, and lab techs could support my efforts
towards achieving professional and academic goals and joining interprofessional teams while in
the clinical placements could stimulate the learning interests and offer appropriate guidance in
career development (Jeffreys, 2015).



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