Intraprofessional collaboration.

Intraprofessional collaboration.


It refers to the association that occurs within various disciplines within the same profession. This activity targeted nursing professionals including the registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and registered practical nurses. Within these lines, it was meant to help nurses, nursing leaders, senior managers’ as well as other healthcare professionals to promote better outcomes in the patients’ care (Conrad, 2014). Through the intraprofessional collaboration, I was able to determine the organizational culture, values as well as relationships.


There exist gaps in knowledge practice and skills among the nursing in their different fields. This common within various specialties such as in midwifery, public health, pediatrics among others. This gap exists because each qualified nurse feels threatened in terms job security since sharing the skills and equipping other make the need for other nurses less critical. The gap affects registered nurses specialized in one field yet they may need knowledge on other sectors to save their patients (Janssen et al., 2017). Getting to be part of the intraprofessional collaboration enables the nurse s to get a basic knowledge of other disciplines that can be useful in assisting the patients.


To bridge the gap between various disciplines, the nurses need to understand the need for collaboration towards the care of the patient as well as to their practice (Conrad, 2014). This understanding will reduce both superiority and inferiority complexes that the nurses in various disciplines experience curbing their cooperation.


The activity was meant to take advantage of the nursing seminar which was going to bring nurses or various disciplines together. The activity will assist in enhancing collaborative practices amongst the nursing fraternity (Janssen et al., 2017). In the long run, the quality and safety of care will be achieved.

Program Competencies Addressed.

  • Collaborative practices.
  • Collaborative relationships.
  • Maintaining organizational cultures and values.




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