Independent NP Practice

Independent NP Practice


The delivery of primary care in the United States is affected by various factors which include a decrease in primary care physician workforce, the again population and the reforms in health care. Nurse practitioners in the United States are considered as a possible solution to primary care provider deficiencies(Benton, Brekken, Ridenour, & Thomas, 2016). The advanced practice role was developed initially in the 1960s, and it is considered as an alternative to the medical model of health care delivery and a cost effective system in the delivery of medical and healthcare services in the country(Schirle, & McCabe, 2016). The licensure of nurse practitioners is regulated by each state and therefore, the practitioner role differ in each state.

I believe that NP should be allowed to have independent practice in all the States. Most of the NP have the needed knowledge, experience and competent and therefore should be allowed to have independent practice(André, Aune, &Brænd, 2016). Measures should be put in place, all the nurses who have experienced five years and above and those who have never committed any medical malpractice within that particular period should be allowed to have independent practice. The most important aspect is to ensure that measures are put in place to determine those NP practitioners who are worthy to practice as independence practitioners. Like any other field, some of the NP are not competent enough and therefore should not be allowed to practice as independent practitioners(Currie, Curran, Strachan, Bunyan, & Price, 2016).  My hope NPs have the needed integrity to ask for the needed help, and they should also consult with the physicians if necessary.


APRN should be allowed to practice to the full scope of their education as well as training. This is beneficial to the population health.  Importantly, it will facilitate combating the physician shortage experienced in the country as well. NP should be allowed to practice in underserved areas to their fullest. Regulation that limits the NP practice should be restricted.


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