How should nurse managers deal with unexpected change?

Management Paper Spring 2020
Select a current issue in management in which you have a particular interest. Examples of topics include delegation to unlicensed assistive personnel, mandatory overtime for nurses, and workplace redesign. This issue can be a problem or issue that has confronted you in your past professional experience, one from your current professional employment, or a topic of interest that you want to know more about.
You will format your paper to include the information in the grading criteria listed below. As a leader you will conduct a literature search and solve the issue that you identified.
How should nurse managers deal with unexpected change?

Students should utilize resources from this course and conduct a search for additional resources. The paper should include a literary search cited in APA format with references using valid American nursing journals and include a relevant personal interview. The objective of the paper should be to explain the issue or problem from a management perspective. The class discussions and case study work should be helpful.

There is a lot of change in policy and procedures during this unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic. There are changes almost every day as the number of patients increases and as we learn new information about how treat the patients with COVD 19 and how to protect ourselves from getting infected. This must be a tough time for nurse mangers too as they try to oversee and implement these changes. Recently at the hospital where I work, the pediatric unit was turned into an adult COVID 19 unit almost overnight. All the pediatric patients were shipped off to children’s hospital and ward was converted into an adult COVID 19 floor. No one saw it coming. The pediatric nurses were given two choices: be furloughed or learn how to take care of adult patients. Most pediatric nurses are now taking care of adult patients.

I had the opportunity to talk to the pediatric nurse manager who was visibly stressed herself about this unplanned change. She said this is a pandemic and the hospital had to do what it had to do to take care of patients. The best they management could do is to provide the pediatric nurses with two adult float nurses per shift who would act as resources in addition to the educators and the regular resource nurses. Surprisingly, the Union has not had much push back on this issue.

My paper is about the how nurse managers/ leaders should deal with unexpected change and how they should deal with the challenges they face while trying to implement or facilitate these changes. Nurse Managers/ leaders assist with implementing changes from upper management or the organization. This can be challenging as not every staff member is receptive to change. Nurse managers not only oversee and facilitate change but they must also assess and support staff who have difficulty transitioning to change or are resistant to change.

As nurse manager of this pediatric unit how can I overcome the challenges like resistance for example of implementing this change ? How can I keep my staff motivated and engaged in their daily work ?

Please include the following:
Clear statement of the issue/problem (10 points)

Your rationale for selecting the topic (10 points)

Discussion of concepts and theories relevant to the topic (10 points)

Your approach to solving this problem or handling the issue using a decision making model (20 points)

Identify all possible interventions and expected outcomes (15 points)

Identify the intervention strategy selected and reasons why (10 points)

Discuss implementation and evaluation strategies (10 points)

Close with a concise explanation of the value of this experience for you (5 points)

Reference list (5 points)—minimum of 5 references
All papers must be type written, you must cite all your sources and format your paper using the APA Manual (6th edition) (5 points)

Management paper update
. I want to clarify the management paper for you. You should refer to the grading criteria which is specific to the issue that you choose. You will choose an issue that interests you and then you address the criteria and integrate literature to write your paper. A few points to note:

The criteria requires a decision making process to be identified that you as the leader used to solve the issue. You should include a personal conversation with a leader regarding the topic of your paper. The personal conversations can be one or two paragraphs in length within your paper. Identify how you would implement your actions and evaluate.

The paper should conform to APA format (refer to the Purdue OWL website for guidance). You should include a title page, running head, page numbers, reference list (at least five references), and cite your sources within the context of the paper. You do not need to include an abstract. The length of the paper should be five pages which are double spaced throughout. Do not count the title page or reference list as part of the five pages.

I have uploaded some chapters from Marquis and Huston about implementing changes and some decision making models.


Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2017). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing theory and application. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.


How should nurse managers deal with unexpected change?