Home-based Care Business Plan

Home-based Care Business Plan
Discussion Topic 1: You are creating a business plan for your Unit 9 Assignment. Share with your colleagues in class what your business plan is addressing the following topics:
What problem did you identify for your business plan?
What are you proposing to solve the problem with your business plan?
Who is your competition?
How do you plan to market your solution?
Home-based Care Business Plan

Home-based Care Business Plan
Home-based care has become the priority management of critically ill patients and the geriatrics in society (Sanford et al., 2015). A home-based care facility will bring closer healthcare services for the people of Middletown, which shall get accessed at any time and a cheaper cost. There is a need for close supervision of patients with chronic conditions by skilled healthcare providers using modern technological instruments. Patients also require a conducive environment that promotes healing.


Soul Care Nursing Home will be constructed to offer high-quality medical services to people with needs. The facility shall employ highly skilled medical personnel in ensuring patient satisfaction and better care outcomes. The elderly with self-care deficits will get assisted. Principles of medical ethics will be of emphasis because of their influence in therapeutic relationships (Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016). Social activities will get provided to aid the healing process and reduce depression risks in the elderly.


Soul Care Nursing Home will get competition from other healthcare facilities that offer the same services. Most patients require post-hospital care. Medicare and Medicaid coverage saw the number of patients choosing nursing homes after treatment over hospital stay double (Anderson et al., 2017).


The target will be the elderly and other patients with chronic illnesses that need supervision. The home will offer non-profit services, and this will make it cost-friendly to people, thus attracting more people to seek the services. The primary marketing strategy will be through advertising once the home is complete. There will be a partnership with other service providers, such as insurance companies. Medical camps will be organized to reach out to people.


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