Health Information Management

Health Information Management

Health Information Management is a practicum of acquiring, having analysis and protection of digital and medical information (traditional) crucial to the provisioning of quality care of the patient. The above profession is a combination of sciences, businesses and information technology. Health Management Information professionals are trained personalities in the latest information technology in management applications and understanding health care (Reagael, 2013). HIM professionals handle various distinct settings and the job titles hence serving bridging roles, connections of clinical, administrative and operational functioning.

Health Informatics is a science defining how health information is captured technically, utilized and transmitted. Health informatics has focused on information systems, principles, and technology as applied to the continuity of health deliveries (Klein, 2014). Informatics in health is a specialty discipline domain inclusive of management sciences, management engineering fundamentals, public health, and patient safety and computing technology. There are various researches focusing on informatics education reflecting on different disciplines: 1.Medical/Bio Informatics which is having a physician or research based for medical students. 2. Nursing Informatics is attracting nursing learners. 3. Public Health Informatics is dealing with biosurveillance attracting public health students. 4. Applied Informatics assists in addressing the flow of medical information in electronic environs and cover processes, policies and solutions in technology attracting HIM learners. One ought to have accrued a public health associated bachelor’s degree.


Health Information Technology infers to the framework used in managing health information and exchanging information in digital formats. Professionals working in HIT hail from computing grounds and provisioning of support for EHR and other HIM professionals to the usage of secure health informatics (Klein, 2014). Health informatics technology experts are crucial to ensuring the electronic data managed by HIM professionals maintaining and exchanging accurately and efficiently.

There are various basics involved in health Information management career entailing of activities to carry out such as overseeing and designing information systems to ensuring they meet legal, medical and even the ethical standards (Klein, 2014). Some of the typical responsibilities vary in distinct health centers inclusive of a collection of patient data, ensuring an accuracy of documents and database management. In attempts to advance careers, one ought to have accrued credentials from Registered Health Information Technician.











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