development of a community health promotion program

development of a community health promotion program
the purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to develop a health promotion program and relate strategies of community planning,implementation and evaluation to the community diagnosis identified in assignment( order no.113684),while facilitating your partial achievement of the course learning outcomes. please note you are not expected to carry out health promotion program that you develop.
assignment guidelines:
development of a community health promotion program
1.develop an outline for a health promotion program to meet the identified community diagnosis (include goals and objectives). provide rationale for the identified needs, goals,objectives for the program.hint:Consider using a program logic model format (as an appendix)to present the data.
2. incorporate health promotion approaches (table 18.1p.262 in vollman et al. 2017)using one of the following option
A)compare and contrast the strength and limitations of two health promotion approaches to influence change and promote health within a community, which need to be considered in the assessing ,planning,implementation and evaluation phase of a health promotion program.OR. Option 2: consider how two health promotion approaches can be incorporated into influencing changes and promoting health within a community .Discuss the strengths and limitations of these approaches in the assessment,planning, implementation,and evaluation phase of a health promotion program.
C.critically analyse the role of the community health nurse in relation to the 2 identified approaches and in relation to the planned health promotion program.
marking criteria:Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed,ability to analyze,evaluate,create,and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout .Adhere to APA 6TH ED scholarly format limit if 8 pages excluding title, reference,appendix.
my population of choice is : dental health of new immigrants , please go through the previous assignments as they all are connected to each other