Core Nursing Competencies

Core Nursing Competencies

Hood (2014) in the future of nursing core competencies provides a list of skills that a nurse should have to function effectively. I would concentrate on the application of patient-centered care and teamwork and collaboration and give them a priority in my profession. I believe that the patient must be a priority under all circumstances and I am entitled towards providing the best quality of care available.

It is imperative to focus on the provision of patient-centered care given that the patient is the primary reason as to why the healthcare fraternity exists. There is need to provide care that revolves around the needs of the patient as a way of demonstrating patient-centered care (Rathert, Wyrwich & Boren, 2013). Nurses should insubordinate their interest in a bid to meet the patient needs. I am obliged to assess my patients, make a diagnosis and implement a plan of care that would meet the needs of the patient. There is also need to tailor the interventions per individual patient. Nurses should not generalize and use a single approach to meet patient needs.

I will also ensure teamwork and collaboration in my activities as a professional nurse. The healthcare system is made up of different individuals such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, lab technologists and health information personnel among others who have to play their roles efficiently to ensure that patient needs are met. Nurses and physicians have conflicted for a long time, and it is important that they change to ensure that high-quality care is provided to patients (Masters, 2015). I believe that I should put aside the individual differences that we may have at the workplace and attend to patients. I also uphold that it is the duty of each medical professional to execute his or her roles efficiently to enhance better patient outcomes.




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