Continuing Nursing Education

Continuing Nursing Education

The relevance of continuing nursing education has always raised mixed reactions from different individuals. There are people who argue that continuing nursing education has immeasurable relevance while others raise concerns that there are various disadvantages of continuing nursing education (Manivannan, 2016).. Some of the various advantages of continuing nursing education are that it leads to the improvement in the body of knowledge. Additionally, the ANA Scope and Standards of practise requires that nurses should undertake continuing education so as to improve their skills in the field. The other benefit of continuing nursing education is that it leads to the delivery of nursing care with utilization of the current knowledge and practices (Nalle, Wyatt & Myers, 2010). There are various advantages of continuing nursing education for the nurses in the practice today.

However, despite the many advantages, I think there are different cons of continuing nursing education. One of the cons of continuing nursing education is that it leads to the loss of manpower in the hospitals. Additionally, continuing nursing education also requires that the nurses or the hospitals fund for the nursing to continue with the education (Adams, 2014). Additionally, it is imperative to note that  the ANA Scope and Standards of practice and the code of ethics training may not be necessarily be a guarantee in the improvement of the patient outcomes. Therefore, there is a lot that still needs to be done.  According to me, I think that despite some of the cons that have been raised with regards to continuing nursing education, I think continuing nursing education should be mandatory. The basic rationale is that the body of knowledge is dynamic; there are different innovations that are being experienced in the health sector. Therefore, nurses should be conversant with these changes.




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