Education Sheet for Lisinopril

Education Sheet for Lisinopril
•Research current articles (within the last five years) that focus on your selected medication.
•Take notes from the research and prioritize the categories to feature on your patient education sheet.
•Spend time writing Part 2 of the assignment, which is your justification of information.

•Make sure to use Capella\’s Writing Center resources if needed.
•Create your patient education sheet, making sure to tailor it to your targeted audience.
Formats the patient education sheet in a professional manner that reflects the needs for intended audience and the format is visually appealing.
Designs patient education sheet to incorporate awareness of potential barriers related to safety-related lifestyle and culture, and presented information has logical flow and organization. Elderly Back Female.
Uses evidence-based practice guidelines to create patient education safety sheet, and these guidelines are up-to-date and reliable.
Describes how information from the literature supported the creation of the patient education sheet and justifies choices for selection.
Writes clearly and logically, with correct use spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, and uses relevant evidence to support a central idea.
Formats paper, citations, and references using correct APA style, and citations are free from all errors.