Unit 4 Topic 1: Work Related Conflicts

Unit 4 Topic 1: Work Related Conflicts

Conflict in Healthcare

Conflict among different disciplines in healthcare is very common, and the most pronounced is the conflict among the nurses and doctors. These conflict has resulted in the formation of competition coalitions, which has led to less productivity towards patient care (Higazee, 2015). In a case scenario which occurred in the labor ward, the doctors wanted to conduct two cesarean sections at once, but the supporting team of the nurses was only enough for one surgery. The doctors claimed that both the cesarean sections were emergency yet they were not. This created conflict amongst the doctors and the nurse manager of that unit who knew it was not an emergency.

The conflict that arose from the doctors and the nurse manager led to more conflict. The doctors opened up that they were mistreated and felt less because they were not involved in the significant decisions of the hospital. They added that the working conditions were harsh and they would quite if not addressed. The nurse manager requested the doctor in charge to discuss the matter where they clarified the disagreement and determined the barriers. However, they finally agreed on the best ways to solve the conflicts they were facing (Ellis, & Toney-Butler, 2019).

The doctor was convinced that the cases presented were not emergencies. One patient was taken in at a time. However, this happened after some time because, at the time of conflict and negotiations, everything came to a standstill. There had to be a reshuffle in the theater list once more; hence, the conflict affected the goals of the organization. The conflict was handled appropriately, in that the nurse manager exercised the steps to conflict management, which led them to a collective agreement. The promising effect is that, it improved cohesion and performance (Almost et al., 2016).


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