Systems thinking in public health

Systems thinking in public health

An example of a system in public health is that of education and youth development organization. The system plays a significant role as it facilitates the dissemination of knowledge to the public via offering extensive teaching on matters related to health via promoting positive and healthy development(Frieden,2010). The system also aids the youth in overcoming challenges while at the same time helping them cope and adjust to the environment. Education and youth development organization participates in the creation as well as a development of creative ideas that focus on offering support to academic achievements, the physical and emotional development of the youth and children, and civic involvement(Frieden, 2010). The systems focus on preparing the young people for adulthood via implementing a variety of strategies that aim at ensuring that the youth receive an adequate education.

The system impacts the behavior of the individuals in a variety of ways. It helps the youth avoid engaging in unnecessary activities that might pose a threat to their lives.It does this by putting them in school and ensuring that they receive a quality education(Careyet al., 2015). The system also offers moral support to the youth via guiding them and teaching them on proper ways of living while at the same time molding them into better adults. Furthermore, the system impacts on the behavior of the individuals via addressing behaviors such as bullying at schools therefore, promoting proper development among the youths(Carey et al., 2015). It also equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge that helps the youth become better citizens who are productive. Besides, the system also ensures that there is the development of the body and mind thus helping in bring up mature citizens who are responsible in the society.


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