Suicide and Mental health in Evans, Georgia

Suicide and Mental health in Evans, Georgia
Human beings are social beings; hence, most do reside together or nearby. They share common associations, and individuals do identify with as a source of support and identity — a community. Individuals in the same community have particular common characteristics and have similar vested interests within the larger society. They reside in a specific locale (Tonnies, & Loomis., 2017). The members of a given community do adversely determine the health status as they are responsible for any practices that do promote health and well-being.
Suicide and Mental health in Evans, Georgia
It is, however, vital to note that in Evans, Georgia, healthcare quality does boil down to access, affordability, and outcomes (Bartley., 2016). With the availability of various hospitals, quality doctors, and choices made by individuals to lower individual health risk.

With a myriad of community health care issues; physical activity and nutrition, obesity, tobacco, HIV/AIDS, mental health ailments, injury, quality of the environment, immunization and access to quality health, members ought to be aware of the present opportunities and ways of overcoming these obstacles. The focus of this paper is on Evans Georgia, with key emphasis on boundaries, housing, signs of decay, parks and recreational areas, transportation, economics, schools, religion, general environmental health factors, residential health observations, community health issues, services, community needs, community strengths, community crisis response and subjective feeling respectively (Tolman, McBrayer, & Evans., 2019).

Community boundaries

It is located at latitude 33.5337 and longitude -82.1307 in Columbia country. Covering a land of 25.27 sq miles. In the Eastern time zone. A hugely metropolitan locale in the Savanna River Area. With its boundaries hugely determined by geographical status.

Environment and culture


The area is populated by a myriad of modern housing structures with numerous real estate agents ready to help any individual seeking to settle in Evans Georgia. Various houses have been put out for sale and can easily be accessed via online sources as they are proficiently advertised. Posted homes are new and range from 3 to 4 bedroom houses. Posted daily as the real estate market is booming within the area. Depending on one’s choice, the apartments available are of different price tags and can easily be afforded by all who wish to settle in the area. Best suit for multiple families and single families depending on the individual preference of potential buyers. Various properties have been posted y real estate agents and ready for occupation. From the housing, one could confidently say that the socioeconomic status of individuals living in the area can be termed as a medium.

Signs of decay

Housing aside, the general condition of the area can be termed as proficient. With adequate 24hr waste disposal services, the hygienic conditions are well maintained, thus promoting health. The Evans Georgia advanced waste disposal does offer a myriad of waste and recycling services ranging from garbage collection to specialized waste disposal to numerous clients residing in the area. As a result, a clean environment is provided, thus preventing the spread of diseases. The Evans Georgia junkyards and auto salvage yards do offer to purchase junky cars by cash and offer free junk car removal. Individuals are advised to let go of their used car as the pick-up fee is free.

Parks and recreational areas

Evans Georgia is vastly populated and well placed with recreational facilities. Greenspace does emphasize on the significance of having recreational parks to conservation areas and encourage the community members to keep the community beautiful. The presence of historic parks, educational parks, savanna rapid parks which stands as the best k known park in the region providing the community members with sufficient recreational purposes inclusive of weddings and corporate meetings. Camping sections are in plenty with Clarks Hill Lake that offers an area for fishing and boating activities. Picnic areas are in plenty too; community members are encouraged to rent as they are in high demand within the community members. Indoors activities are in plenty also and infrastructure to and fro the facilities is adequate.


Evans Georgia is well supplied by significant highways and paths for pedestrian and cycling which are currently under construction. North Blair Road, Columbia Road, Washington road and Carl Sanders Highway are the major highways which are available and heavily utilized by the community members. There is no public transportation in Evans, Georgia. Everyone relies on his or her cars to get to different locations in the area. The only buses seen is the school buses to take the students.


Industries are in plenty in Evans Georgia, favored by the moderate climate does make the area suitable for agribusiness. Corn, soybeans, and cotton are vastly cultivated in the area. Food processing industries, as Claxton Poultry, does reside within the community. Food processors are ideally located in Evans Georgia. The pine forests do necessitate the presence of forestry-related industries.


Evans Georgia has several schools inclusive of elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools:

Elementary Schools

  1. Stevens Creek Elementary
  2. South Columbia Elementary
  3. Riverside Elementary
  4. Parkway Elementary
  5. River Ridge Elementary
  6. North Columbia Elementary
  7. Martinez Elementary
  8. Lewiston Elementary
  9. Brookwood Elementary
  10. Blue Ridge Elementary

Middle Schools

  1. Grovetown Middle School
  2. Greenbrier Middle School
  3. Evans Middle School
  4. Lakeside Middle School
  5. Riverside Middle School
  6. Stallings Island Middle School

High Schools

  1. Evans High School
  2. Greenbrier High School
  3. Harlem High School
  4. Grovetown High School



  1. Christian Sanctified Holly Church
  2. Faith World Centre
  3. Gospel Water Branch Baptist Church
  4. Grace Baptist Church
  5. In Focus Church
  6. Journey Community Church
  7. Life Centre
  8. Mt Enon Baptist Church
  9. Mt Olive Baptist Church
  10. Oakey Grove Baptist Church
  11. Office The Permanent Diaconate Diocese of Savanna
  12. Parkway Baptist Church
  13. Peace Free Will Baptist Church
  14. Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  15. Riverside Baptist Church
  16. Riverview United Methodist Church
  17. The Church At G Reenbrier
  18. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  19. Wesley United Methodist Church
  20. West Acres Baptist Church Sbc
  21. West Town Community Church
  22. Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church
  23. Christ The King Lutheran Church Elca


  1. Swaminarayan temple


  1. Islamic Society of Augusta.


Gang activity is evident, hence the strict anti-gang laws instituted in Evans Georgia as prosecutors are empowered with different ways to charge individuals inclusive of seizing properties obtained via fraudulent means. However, I did not observe any signs of gang activities. Being a metropolitan area, it is adversely populated by a wide variety of individuals; Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, and whites all reside in the area.

Community health

The presence of parks does present the community members with adequate recreational and exercise. As a result, lifestyle diseases are kept at bay. Healthcare is of utmost significance in any community; Evans Georgia is of no exception; several emergency centers well service the area while main ailments or cases are taken to the main hospital in Augusta. Numerous pharmacies do aid community members with refills of medication as prescribed. As well as an offer over the counter services to the community members in need.

However, the presence of numerous bars and pub do portray a society of which members like to engage in drinking sprees to pass the time — further contributing to individuals being predisposed to the dangers of drug and substance abuse. The further presence of fast food spots does denote a society that opts for quick meals devoid of sufficient nutritional value yet full of calories. These negative factors do contribute negatively to the health of society members.

General resident health observations

During my stay within the community. I noted a myriad of positive behaviors that do eventually contribute to the development of a healthy society. Individuals jogging around the park, bike rides by a multitude of individuals and others opting to walk was a positive sign. I observed relatively healthy individuals during my stay in the community. However, the practices of some individuals like smoking and drinking do eventually affect the health of all.

Community health issues

Based on my assessment, the community requires more health education. Sensitizing programs to make the community members aware of their own health choices, thus improve health-seeking behaviors. It is prudent to initiate programs to educate the community members of the necessity of having balanced diets and regular exercises as a means of keeping fit. Thus promote healthy living within the society. Based on my assessment, I expect respiratory conditions to be most prevalent within this community.

Community assets and obstacles


Evans Georgia is serviced by the Columbia County Fire Rescue Engine Company in case of fire outbreaks and various police stations present in the area these two offer sufficient protective services to the community members. Ensuring security of life and property.

Community needs

Most of the issues based on the community, as per my observation, ought to be purely behavioral. Counseling institutions should be made easily availed to the community members hence. The numerous schools ought to provide sufficient counseling services to the community members. In so doing, the mental health of the students within the community.

Community strengths

During my stay within the community, I did notice a notable number of places where one could receive the counseling services. The life management group did stand out. However, more ought to be done to bring counseling services closer to the students. Who in my opinion, do need the services.

Community crisis response.

The availability of a good road network does ensure adequate reach of medical services in the event of a crisis. The accessibility of numerous medical centers for emergency purposes do aid in case of an emergency. The fire stations do provide adequate back up in the event of disasters as well as the authorities will help in-crowd.

Subjective feeling

Living within the area can be challenging for some individuals. Having to walk owing to the lack of adequate public transportation can pause a tough challenge as not all can afford to own personal means. The walkability score of the area can be deemed as inadequate. The mild crime rates ought to pose minimal fear to individuals though the people residing in the locality are generally friendly. Given a chance to work in the area, I would gladly oblige as the challenges to be surpassed manageable, and one can comfortably settle in the area.


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