SQUIRE Guidelines

SQUIRE Guidelines
Developing A Healthcare Providers Professional Guidelines For People With Developmental Disabilities.
Prior weeks PowerPoint presentation
Compare and contrast the content of your presentation with the SQUIRE guidelines.
Write a 260- to 350-word paper in which you discuss the following: What you found helpful in the guidelines that you will incorporate into your final presentation
Specific details on what information you will add, if any, as a result of the SQUIRE guidelines
SQUIRE Guidelines
Your opinion of the guidelines and whether you will utilize them in future presentations and papers
1.1 Evaluate strategies to present project outcomes.
1.2 1.2 Analyze the implementation phase of the project.
1.3 Analyze the evaluation results of the project.
1.4 Determine outcome implications for key internal and external stakeholders.
I will add a file Squire Guidelines, thanks