SCENARIO: Major Hurricane

SCENARIO: Major Hurricane
VNN ANCHOR Good morning, welcome to VNN. The National Hurricane Center is warning this morning that Hurricane Hanna has strengthened into a dangerous Category 4 storm and it’s tracking toward the greater metropolitan area. Models indicate possible landfall over the region as early as Thursday morning. But forecasters are not sure if the storm will strengthen or weaken over the next couple of days. The Governor is not taking chances, she has ordered the evacuation of all citizens and tourists within 10 miles of the coast, that means over a million people are evacuating from the metro area and coastal regions. Local highways are already jammed with traffic, and some gas stations have already run out of gas. The Hurricane Center is warning that if Hanna strengthens to Category 5, many homes and buildings will be damaged or destroyed. Mobile homes are especially vulnerable, they could be completely destroyed. Any building that is unsound could collapse. With the storm surge and rains, there could be major damage to lower floors of all buildings located up to 15 feet above sea level and within 500 yards of the shoreline. Again the Governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation for everyone within 10 miles of the coast.
For this Discussion, you will assume the role of a public health nurse.
As you reflect on the event and the threats to the health of your community, consider the facts and identify the challenges that affect the health and safety of community members. If a catastrophic event, such as a Category 5 hurricane occurs, the health and safety of aggregates in your community will be threatened and resources will be challenged.
Working as a public health nurse, discuss how you will help your community to prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate damages to this event. Address the following in your analysis of effective community action:
Discuss preemptive strategies that enable a timely, collaborative community recovery
Discuss strategies for maintaining order
Discuss actions that must be taken as your community rallies and responds after the event occurs
Discuss long-term actual and potential community-wide risks post event.