Role of Nurses as Legislators

Role of Nurses as Legislators
Most people assume that when one becomes a nurse they are automatically limited to only working in hospitals. However, it should be noted that nurses can serve in numerous capacities, including serving in legislative positions. An example includes nurses who act as house representatives in the national congress. These legislative positions are important as they enable the nurses to make reforms that are likely to change the scope of nursing practice (Mackey, 2016). In their positions, they can pass bills that enhance the nursing care practice. Some of the bills they are likely to pass include;

Increase in the nursing workforce; this is a necessary aspect that promotes the nursing practice. It is because it reduces the workload per nurse thus promoting job satisfaction (Clayton, 2010). Also, it enhances patient care since thenurses care for fewer patients hence giving total patient care. This aspect improves patient outcomes thus improving patient satisfaction.

Another agenda that these nurses are likely to pass is the improvement of the working environment of the nurses; this involves ensuring that nurses are availed with all the equipment needed for their nursing practice (Fang, 2016). Also, it ensures that nurses are protected from various hazards occurring as a result of the nursing practice. This boosts the confidence of nurses thus improving the level of patient care.

An example of a nurse who serves in the legislative body is Rep. Lois Capps who is registered nurse in California. She has passed various believes such as the reinvestment act that addresses the limited number of staffing. This has led to the improvement in nursing care due to the increase in the workforce of the nurses. Therefore, nurses in the legislative positions serve the patients through the passing of bills that improve patient care.


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