Qualitative study Perception of nurses on the use of electronic nursing documentation

Qualitative study

Perception of nurses on the use of electronic nursing documentation

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A qualitative study was carried out among nurses in Iran to determine their perception towards the use of electronic nursing documentation. The research was based on the challenges the nurses faced while using the electronic system of recording patient information. An interview was conducted in a teaching hospital western of Iran among nurses from which a sample of participants was subjectively selected. One of the Computer Assisted, Qualitative Data Analysis system, was employed in analyzing the information that was collected from the selected group of nurses. The primary challenge that was identified among the nurses in the course of utilizing the new system of recording patient information was lack of familiarity. This contributed to the attitudes and perceptions the nurses had towards implementation and use of the electronic system during their practice. Instead of making work easier it made the nurses consume more time keying in the information, more medical errors erupted leading to increased adverse events among patients.


Introduction of information technology into the nursing departments in hospitals was meant to support nurses in their daily activities…

Statement problem

Use of electronic health records where the nursing electronic documentation is included is one of the trending innovations in the medical field…

Research questions

The research questions that were employed were relevant to the study and able to derive the appropriate results that could fill the gaps identified. Ones involved in the questions include:

  1. a) How useful is the electronic documentation to the nursing field in the clinical setting?
  2. b) What are some of the challenges the nurses find while using the new method of electronically documenting the patient information?
  3. c) What are some of the ways nursing usage of electronic means of documentation can be improved?

 Literature review

A higher percentage of practicing nurses are more comfortable with the old way of recording data while in the healthcare facilities…

 Theoretical framework

The study was based on Technology Acceptance Model. Technology acceptance model states that various factors influence decisions on the usage of new technology among information systems users…

Quantitative study

Perception of nurses on the usefulness of Nursing Information System.


For more than 15 years now, use of computerized services in the hospitals has been on the increase. Nurses’ beliefs and attitudes towards the implementation and use of these applications is a great indication of the effectiveness of the information systems in the nursing field. A quantitative study was carried out among working nurses in Iran, working in urban teaching hospitals to determine the perceptions nurses have towards the usefulness of information system in nursing practices of caring for patients…


Nursing practitioners deal with the higher percentage of clinical work hence experience the maximal use of the electronic health records daily basis than other care providers…

Statement of the problem

Advocating for the implementation and use of science information systems among care providers in health facilities is on the trend…

Research questions

The research questions that were employed were congruent with the research topic. The research questions involved:

  1. a) What is the nurses’ understanding concerning nursing information system?
  2. b) What are the nursing procedures that the nurses incorporate better and more efficiently into the information science?
  3. c) What are the advantages and the challenges facing nurses as they integrate information science into the evidence-based practice?

Literature review

Use of Electronic medical records in patient care among care provides significant. It facilitates their daily operations and communication enhancing collaboration and team working with the clinicians. Use of electronic medical records in clinical practice improves safety, efficiency quality and efficacy of the care provided on top of ensuring privacy and confidentiality to the patients’ information (Aldosari, 2017). In the nursing field, …

Conceptual framework

Various variables were considered in coming up with the concept on which the study was based on…


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