Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Introduction.
While undertaking a research project, the researcher often finds it difficult to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research methods. In many cases, the two terms has been used interchangeably with the researchers thinking they mean the same. However, there are critical differences between the two not only in the nature of the research but also in the way of data collection to the way of presentation of the report.

There are differences between qualitative research and quantitative research with the qualitative research being more exploratory while quantitative is more of a quantifying a general problem.

Calvin, Lindy, and Stefanie (2009) in their research on the “Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Nurse’s Experience with End -of -Life Care”used a qualitative research method.In the research, the authors intended to get an in-depth understanding of the nurses’ perception as well as their understanding of their roles and responsibilities in CVICU. The nurses play a fundamental role in thedecision-making process about the changes in the intensive care unit of the patients in the CVICU. In qualitative research, the main aim is to understand the underlying reasons and motivations by providing an insight into the problem.

In the study, the authors used a small sample size of nineteen nurses who were interviewed individually on the topic of the study regarding their experiences in their line of duty and their patients. The researchers used a descriptive approach in the data collection and analysis with transcript data analyzed and compared with others from previous interview. Collection of data in qualitative research is not seldom but is methodologically flexible technique characterized by individual interviews suited for comprehensive view. The sample selection is also based on smaller numbers with the respondents selected expected to fulfill a certain criteria. Calvin, et al (2009) generated a rich and detailed research that contributes to the in-depth understanding of the CVICU and fulfills the requirements of a qualitative research that provides a dynamic reality.

Quantitative Research

O’Rourke, Duggleby andFraser (2015) research “Embedding the Perceptions of People with Dementia”used the quantitative method to describe how the quality of life is linked with theclinical administrative dataset. The trio used a set of qualitative data related to the research topic which they later drew to an administrative dataset. The results were a quantitative study testing the relationship betweenconflict and sadness dementia patients in long-term care.

In quantitative research, the main purpose is to quantify data which allows for the generalization of the results from the entire sample population (Minichiello, 1990). The authors used qualitative data which they quantified into administrative dataset whichthey later used to come with a generalized conclusion on the issues that dementia patients go through. By using the dataset, the researchers were able to come up with numerical data that they used to quantify the behaviours and attitudes of the dementia patients such as conflicts and sadness. The quantitative research method uses measurable data collected using more structure methods to formulate facts on the research question a phenomenon evident in the above study.

Rationale for Selection of Journal Article

The selection of the journal with the above articles was based on the human health and mainly diseases that come with old age and the care provided for such conditions. The research articles were selected to get a knowhow on the diseases as well as to get the statistical data on the disease which was achieved from both the qualitative and quantitative research.



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