Psychological Application Paper

Psychological Application Paper

I have come to appreciate the explanation of motivation that is given by the Two-factor theory in my career life. I work in a team of more than ten people where we discuss a lot of issues about brand marketing and I am always motivated by the commitment that each member of the team has.  I find a lot of joy working with this team as they have greatly help in my career progression (“Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory Of Motivation”). This motivation is a thing that started immediately I joined the company five years ago. All along, my seniors have been a source of encouragement, and this has enabled me to stick to my obligations without any diversion despite the rough times that I sometimes encounter. My nomination as the team leader, through a competitive selection process, was a milestone in my career life and I must confess that this makes me work even harder to uphold the recognition that achieved and making more impact in this company that I love working for.

The hygiene factors explained in the Two-factor theory of motivation also impact positively in my career life. My salary package and the attached benefits are awesome, and this is in line with my expectation considering my education qualifications and skills. The amount paid is very competitive compared with what other companies are paying for a similar job position. The policies of the company are flexible and have a consideration of social aspects of life which makes me feel comfortable working here (“Herzberg – Motivation-Hygiene Theory”). The work load is greatly reduced by the high number of qualified workers in the company, and I must confess again that I have never encountered a scenario where the workload was too much for me to the extent that I was exhausted or complained. In fact, I find it good when I always finish my duties before the end of the day and move on to help my colleagues who might be experiencing some workload in their desks.

The changes that are always being implemented in my workplace have effects that are well explained by Hawthorne Effect. The productivity is seen to increase as the management makes improvement changes on the available procedures and norms. A good example that I associate it with Hawthorne Effect was the introduction of quality department some two years ago (“The Hawthorne Effect: The Study Of Employee Productivity – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.Com”). Previously, the data that each person presented to the analysis team was not subject to a quality check to determine its viability. This being a marketing research company, some disputed research findings was encountered where the client indicated that they were not confident with the results and suspected biased data. Things took a twist immediately a quality center was introduced in the company. This required that all data that a person collected to be subjected to quality checks to determine its validity and usefulness to the research included.

Quite some data sets were dropped after the quality checks, and this required the staff to go back to the field to collect more data. This was a challenge to many, and this greatly helped to eliminate biased surveys. The impact of the newly introduced quality center was well revealed by the huge reduction of disputed research findings by the clients. It is this history of quality research studies that has since help our company to make an appreciable impact in market research where a big number of new clients showing interest to work with us (Sedgwick). It is true that close monitoring helps to improve the overall productivity of human beings.

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