Organizational Change Evaluation

Organizational Change Evaluation
This Assignment provides an overview of how to evaluate evidence-based practice quality improvement in a practice change.
Introduce an overview of a healthcare system practice guideline, preferably where you work or have worked.

CHOSEN HEALTHCARE GUIDELINE: Guidelines to follow in the event of a vascular occlusion with dermal fillers
Organizational Change Evaluation

• Discuss how different professionals in the healthcare system (Nurses, Pharmacists, Technicians, Nurse Educators, CFO, etc.) are held to this guideline.
• Identify the research/reference used by the system to adopt the guideline.
• Define the evidence used to define the guideline.
• Determine the level of evidence used in the EBP identified.
• Provide an opinion on how well this guideline is followed by professionals in the system.
• Conclude with a concise overview of the guideline and the discussion in the paper.
• Write the paper in 8–10 pages, using APA format.