Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis

Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis
I will upload the tool with my best practice at the to of each graph, feel free to improve if it needs it. Uploaded sample of flow chart also, THANKS.
Complete the Gap Analysis tool for your project by following the instructions that accompany it.
Create a workflow diagram depicting the current state of the process that you are conducting your needs assessment on. Show every step leading up to the gap in the flow. You can reference the IHI Flowchart tool to assist you with this assignment.
Create a second workflow diagram depicting the future state (the ideal state that follows best practices) of the process.
Summarize the differences between current practices (current state) and best practices (ideal state) and provide an assessment of the barriers that need to be addressed before successful implementation of best practices can occur. Utilize the workflow diagrams to enhance the relevance of your summary.

Note: All tools may not fit every project exactly. You can modify the tools so that they function better for your project. Inform your instructor of any modifications you make so that they can provide appropriate feedback (remember to cite the original source).