Model Implementation Essay

Model Implementation Essay
Kayla Faber
The social justice principle is a model that is used in conducting community study. It focuses more on the engagement of both the participants and the researcher in the research process. It works towards the achievement of the best results out of the research that can help in
evidence-based practice in the community (King, 2015). Besides, it links the researches that aim at eradicating the health gap between the rich and the poor in either procedural or distributive justice. The social justice principles help in understanding the community based participatory rate in the research context, policy and its outcomes and the policy strategies.
Model Implementation Essay
The model is applicable in the allocation of a scarce resource in the health care system within communities in the rural areas in an equal and fair distribution. Resources are allocated using equity and equality of the available health care resources such as finances, human resource and medical equipment
and medication.

Jency Mathew

The evidenced information health policy model entails the development and application
of the evidence-based practice. According to (Boyko, 2015) the model enables the health care
provider and policymaker in the formation and implementation of the health care policies
concerning evidenced obtained from researches and every practice in the healthcare facilities.
The use of the best approaches in the problem-solving process enables the changes in health
policies and health reforms. The evidence information health policy model can be applied in the
advocacy and making changes in the care of patients in the hospital. The model applies to
establish policies concerning the care of patients in mechanical ventilation. Mechanical
ventilation is, but at times, it prolongs suffering among patients who are critically ill in the

Model Implementation 3
critical care unit. With the evidence-based practice, it is easy to make decision and policies
concerning the care of such patients.

Model Implementation 4


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