LC4005: Improving Patient Quality and Safety

LC4005: Improving Patient Quality and Safety

In this Assessment, you will complete a comprehensive paper and develop a quality improvement storyboard for your Quality Improvement Project. You will also submit a completed practice experience documentation form signed by the health professionals who collaborated with you in developing the Quality Improvement Project.

Submission Length: Three-part submission: 1) 5-page comprehensive paper, and 2) a 1-page quality improvement storyboard.

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Access the Following to Complete this Assessment:

* Storyboard Template
* Review the following website regarding the use of a quality improvement storyboard, and provide examples of the information and interventions that need to be included in a storyboard: Multi-State Learning Collaborative. (2008). Guidelines for development of quality improvement storyboards. Retrieved from
* Review the Practice Experience Documentation Form
Your Deliverables for this Assessment include:

Part 1. Comprehensive Paper

Part 2. Storyboard

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Part 1. Comprehensive Paper

Your Comprehensive Paper provides the theoretical background to support your quality improvement practice problem and Quality Improvement Project. In a five-page paper, address the following:

Describe the quality improvement practice problem you identified.
Explain the importance of the quality improvement practice problem you identified for nursing practice. Support your explanation by synthesizing evidence-based literature found through a literature search, using a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed articles.
Describe the quality improvement tools that will aid in the interpretation of the data that will support addressing the quality improvement practice problem you identified.
Explain why these quality improvement tools are most useful in addressing your quality improvement practice problem.
Explain how you would apply a quality improvement process to your quality improvement practice problem.
Recommend an evidence-based practice plan that will address your quality improvement practice problem. Support your evidence-based practice plan by synthesizing a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed, evidence-based resources found through a literature search
Be sure to integrate capstone-level writing guidelines in the completion of your Comprehensive Paper. This is an expectation of the completion of this program and is a requirement for future study in graduate school.

Part 2. Storyboard

A Quality Improvement storyboard is required for this competency. The Practice Experience Project Storyboard is a brief, visual summary of a completed Quality Improvement initiative. The storyboard highlights key aspects of a quality improvement effort by documenting the Practice Experience Project from beginning to end. The competency template uses a PowerPoint format to complete this assignment. Only two slides are required. The first slide is the summary of the Quality Improvement Project; the second slide is the reference page. Choose the most pertinent information from your Comprehensive Paper to complete the Storyboard. A template is provided to guide you as you develop your storyboard.

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