E-health initiative custom essay: Quality and safety of the eHealth technology

E-health initiative custom essay: Quality and safety of the eHealth technology
More interest and concerns about the potentiality of the eHealth initiative in enhancing
the safety and quality of health care to the patients come from the entire world. Transformative
eHealth technologies are yet to be implemented almost everywhere in the world at a considerable
cost. According to (Kayser et al., 2015), the assessment of the eHealth initiative should be done
progressively and continuously to be able to understand its impact on the quality and the safety
of health care.
E-health initiative custom essay: Quality and safety of the eHealth technology
EHealth technology has been consistently being promoted by the policymakers
with most of its advantages being cost-effectiveness of the technology in the health care system.
Evaluation of the future eHealth technologies should be done critically basing its assessment
against the comprehensive set of measures to be able to determine and ensure continuous
improvement in the quality and safety in health care.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

The multi-stakeholder approach in the eHealth initiative is paramount because it
enhances consensus building through the early identification of the challenges and coming up
with joint interventions to help curb the problems. Furthermore, multi-stakeholder collaboration
allows for the development of goals that are owned by every member of the health care team,
therefore ensuring that every member works towards the achievement of quality care and safety
of patient’s information. Shared information among the stakeholders will improve the team thus
resulting in patients receiving high-quality health care (Kayser et al., 2015). The skills that exist
from one member of the entire group can be shared among the entire membership resulting in the
motivation of the team members and better patient outcome. Besides, the team members will

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work for hand in hand to enhance advocacy and policy change concerning health information

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