Internal and External Dissemination of Research

Internal and External Dissemination of Research

Despite the numerous studies conducted by nurses in the past, concern remains that the findings are not supported by recommendations from relevant dissemination groups.  The dissemination process is a critical part of any research because the research passes through professional practitioners and the wider community. Acceptance of any research is promoted through dissemination (Rassool, 2015). Several barriers have been identified to affect the dissemination of research including lack of awareness and lack of understanding of the research process. My research on palliative care nursing will undergo both internal and external dissemination to make the findings more user-friendly and enable acceptance of the research into the nursing field.

Internal dissemination involves the discussion and presentation of the research findings to the workers within the healthcare organization. My research on nursing education regarding palliative care will be presented to the palliative care nurses in an organized continuous medical education programme (CME). The CMEs are held twice weekly in the institution and utilizing the opportunity will ensure that the leaders and palliative care nurses get to give their feedback on the research. The CME dissemination criterion is important because any newly completed research in the organization is discussed and questions regarding the study are answered after podium presentation. External presentation will be done to the University nursing research committee. Presentation of the findings and the proposed solution to the problem will be done during the process.

Dissemination of research findings to the selected bodies is important because it will increase the utilization of the research findings into clinical practice (Abbott et al., 2013) Through dissemination, the experts get to recommend the incorporation of the findings into organization nursing practice. Communication for both groups is important during the dissemination phase. Internal communication will be done through my clinical instructor whereas external communication to the university board will be done through my research mentor. Through their communication, the dissemination process will be a success.

















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