Dissemination of EBP and research

Dissemination of EBP and research

Professional nursing practice goes beyond offering quality patient care to presenting results of a study in a conference. More still, the professional may decide to write an article in a journal so that the findings may be read far and wide. According to Polit and Beck (2008), the aim of disseminating evidenced based care and research is to enable other professionals get to know current studies that can help them improve patient outcomes. An example of the nursing journal that one can publish their research findings is the Nursing Older People.An article that would fit on this journal would be on the ways on which the aging population can live comfortably despite having a life time illness. The journal is the best approach in reaching a large number of the populace.

The journal is published once every month and covers all aspects of gerontological nursing. Better still, palliative care conferences can be used to disseminate evidence based care. Puchalskiet al. (2009) wrote that the audiences attending palliative care conferences come prepared to be enlightened on how pain can be reduced while managing a patient. I will present my article during the 3rd international conference on palliative care and hospice nursing that will be held in Philadelphia later in the year. It remains a fact that geriatric patients suffer from chronic illnesses, hence there is need to put them in the most comfortable manner so that they do not complain of pain. These two options are my best options of letting others know more about care of the older population.

In addition, I would disseminate information on the best discharge models for patients 55 years old and above. The model should be the one that reduces instances of readmissions when transferring patents from one facility to the next with a period of 30 days. Of all the models available, I will let my audience know benefits of the Transition Care Model when compared to IPASS or SBAR.



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