How to write nursing Capstone Project: Evaluation essay

How to write nursing Capstone Project: Evaluation essay

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common and especially challenging in patients with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. In the previous chapter, a preventive care program was proposed to address the challenge of UTIs among this patient category in the memory care unit. The effectiveness of this program will be evaluated by a 10% reduction in the number of UTIs in the memory care unit and the prevention of new UTI cases among dementia residents in the facility.

The evaluation plan will involve a review of UTI prevention data to ascertain residents are screened within 5 days of their prevention care. The plan will also involve a review of the collected urine culture rate among the affected individuals and a comparison of UTI rates upon implementation to ascertain a 10% reduction target by 20/01/2022.

During the evaluation of the prevention program, gathered information will include the number of screened individuals, urine culture samples collected, and the incidence of the disease in the unit. This information will be compared with baseline data to ascertain the 10% reduction of UTIs in the facility. The data collection method will include monitoring of UTI rates and collaboration with the unit manager to ensure all aspects of the prevention program are implemented.

Credibility is an important aspect of research because it links the study findings with reality and demonstrates the truth in research findings (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2019). To ensure credibility in the evaluation results, I will collect adequate data regarding the UTI rates over a reasonable period. I will involve the unit managers in the evaluation and compare the UTI reduction rates with previous data in the facility. One limitation of this evaluation plan is the absence of a control group to compare results with. The evaluation will depend on available data in the system and this is likely to limit the credibility of the outcome.


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