How to write an essay on nursing leader spearheading a successful system change (Solved)

How to write an essay on nursing leader spearheading a successful system change (Solved)

Katie Boston-Leary, a former nurse leader, suggested ways necessary for functional changes in the healthcare system. This paper will demonstrate how she influenced changes in the health care system, the driving forces for successful change, the obstacles, and how the obstacles were addressed.

Katie Boston-Leary Techniques for Change in Health Care

Katie Boston-Leary implemented the C-suite concept. The C-suite concept comprises senior healthcare executives such as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She argued that the c-suite is essential for effective organizational change. The C-suite is the voice for nurses and makes decisions that impact nurses at the grassroots level (Thew, 2022). She added the key to progress is to have nurse leaders who can advocate for nursing at the C-suite.

There were driving forces for Katie Boston to develop techniques for change in health care. The front-line nurses were overwhelmed and barely had time to advocate for themselves (Thew, 2022). Also, nursing output and patient acuity were not well determined, resulting in dated staffing decisions. These led to a high turnover rate and low nurse retention, which led to the loss of experienced and qualified nurses affecting the quality of care (Thew, 2022). The need to keep experienced and qualified nurses made Katie Boston develop ideas to fix her unit.

Katie Boston-Leary experienced challenges in the process of implementing the change. The major obstacle was the low retention rate of nurses. She found it necessary to collaborate with the larger hospital to help run her unit (Thew, 2022). Additionally, she persisted in her idea of change and asked nurse leaders to borrow the C-suite idea to manage workforce and labor expenses. This resulted in quality nurses’ retention, improved quality of care and patient outcome, and increased reimbursements.


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