How to write a nursing paper on Use of Media in Promoting Policy Change

How to write a nursing paper on Use of Media in Promoting Policy Change

Media interventions are organized and goal-directed activities utilizing media channels to educate, inspire and persuade populations (Bou-Karroum et al., 2022). Media can deliver health information to the public, health workers, and policy makers, impacting an individual’s health behavior. This paper will discuss the role of media interventions in the health policy-making process.

Role of media in the health policy-making process

During the policy-making process, media is used to set agenda to the public, press, and policymakers by emphasizing important issues at a time (Bou-Karroum et al., 2022). It impacts policymakers through shaping public views, pressurizing them to respond. Furthermore, media can increase public awareness and encourage decision-makers to consider a change. Media can influence the perception of the public and policymakers on the perceived reality and relevance of the communicating text.

In the policy-making process, media interventions can be used as an accountability tool contributing to the commencement of policy discussion; it increases stakeholders’ awareness and impacts policy formation (Bou-Karroum et al., 2022). Also, it serves as an awareness tool for the adaptation of policies and improves compliance of laws and regulations, guarding the policy-making process.

One study has shown the negative effect of media attention in the policy-making process (Bou-Karroum et al., 2022). The researcher argued that media mobilize opponents of the policy change. The defeat can be due to appropriate counter-media interventions by interested parties (Bou-Karroum et al., 2022). Furthermore, the following should be considered for effective policy change using media intervention; good timing publicity, good relationships with media, mobilizing opponents, and deploying other strategies, for example, enforcements campaigns and public engagement.


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