How to write a nursing Natural Selection Discussion (Solved)

How to write a nursing Natural Selection Discussion (Solved)

Thoughts on random natural selection

This text explains how evolution through natural selection is not a random process and that the only random thing observed is mutation. I also think evolution is not a random thing and genetic variation is the only thing that cannot be controlled during the process. Whether or not an individual survives and reproduces is entirely dependent on whether they posses traits that can aid in adaptation to the environment.

Can you imagine a population in which reproductive success does not, at least in part, depend upon genetics? What would be necessary to have a population that does not evolve under the action of natural selection?

I will like to imagine a situation where genetics does not play a role in evolution and survival. This means that no individual will have advantageous or disadvantageous traits over the other. As a result, it will be difficult to adapt to the environment with time and definitely all species will die. To have a population that does not evolve, we will need not to have inheritance and variation within populations. Additionally, the environment we live in must be constant such that no adaptation or struggle will be needed to survive.

What are your thoughts on evolution? Does any of this information create further interest for you?

Evolution is a continuous process that is dependent on sexual reproduction. Just like the gambling analogy described in the text, there will always be individuals more adapted to survive because of genetic mutation. I will be interested to know the fate of evolution if genetic mutation ceased to happen. Will the passing of constant traits to offspring lead to evolution?

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