How to write a nursing Healthcare Policy and Advocacy essay

How to write a nursing Healthcare Policy and Advocacy essay

Discuss How the Political Determinants of Health Negatively Impact the Health Outcomes of a Group of Patients for Whom You Care

Politics have a negative impact on a group of patients’ outcomes, as illustrated by the metaphorical orchard allegory. It underscores how frequently people have no influence over the political circumstances that have a negative impact on their health. The fence serves as a metaphor for the various economic, political, and societal factors that prevent some people from receiving medical care (Satcher Health Leadership Institute., 2021). These components could include poverty, poor infrastructure, or a lack of insurance coverage. This fable also highlights how acutely those who are already impoverished sense the effects of political factors on their health. There is no competition between the trees in the orchard and the trees in the forest for sunlight, nutrients, and water. They consequently have a higher chance of contracting the disease and producing fruits of poor grade.

The metaphorical trees in the orchard stand in for the patients whose health is impacted by political factors. The metaphor of factors like poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and lack of insurance focuses on the truth that political conditions that have an impact on health are frequently out of control for some patients, especially the repercussions that are experienced most significantly by those who are poor(Satcher Health Leadership Institute., 2021). The healthcare system is another thing that the orchard symbolizes. The orchard allegory is a powerful reminder to address the political factors to improve everyone’s health.

Why Are You, As A Nurse, The Right Person To Become Politically Involved In Addressing These Determinants?

As a nurse, I can understand how political influences affect the well-being of my patients. The socioeconomic elements that affect the population’s and individuals’ health are some well-known political health determinants. These necessities involve financial security, healthcare access, housing, education, and employment opportunities. The state of political factors can substantially impact the health of populations.

A politically significant element influencing health is income. Low-income individuals are more likely to have poor health than those with higher incomes. Lack of access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, healthful food, and suitable housing are a few factors that contribute to this (Satcher Health Leadership Institute., 2021). Additionally, low-income workers are more likely to experience stress because they work physically demanding or dangerous jobs. Another important political issue that has an impact on health is education. Higher-educated people have easier access to high-quality medical treatment and are likely to find lucrative employment (Gardner, 2019). Additionally, they are more knowledgeable than people with less education about selecting healthy lives and keeping their health.

As a nurse, I frequently interact with patients, which offers me a unique perspective on the political variables that influence health. Nurses are also qualified and knowledgeable enough to speak up for change for the patients they care for. As a result, politically active nurses may ensure that political factors do not negatively affect their patients’ health. Voting is the best way for nurses to get involved in politics. This is so that elected officials can express their opinions and impact how they vote (Porche, 2021). Working with organizations that support reform for the community and patients is another opportunity for nurses to get involved in politics. Nurses can leave a positive impact by participating in political processes and advocating for change.



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