How to write a nursing Evolutionary Framework: The Evidence

How to write a nursing Evolutionary Framework: The Evidence

What are your thoughts on evolution?

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection explains the change in characteristics of a species over several generations. Based on his description, it can be argued that man and other living things are still evolving. I find the process of evolution interesting because it is based on the genetic variation in a population that affects the characteristics of individuals. Darwin’s theory explains that some individuals will definitely have an advantage over others that will define their survival. Based on this material, I believe evolution has no schedule and new species can arise in a matter of years and evolution does not stop.

Your previous views of learning on this topic?

Previously, I learned that evolution is the cumulative change in population species over time. Learning this topic has enabled me to understand that genetics plays a key role in evolution because certain traits will enable individuals to survive as others die. Additionally, the environment plays a key role in evolution because it produces a set of conditions that populations need to adapt to survive.

Does this help you feel more confident with these materials?

This material has improved my understanding of the roots of mankind and how evolution may lead to new species several years from now. Those species that will possess certain traits will live to pass them to the next generation. Evolution by natural selection is one of the ways to explain why certain species have survived and why we might look a bit different from our ancestors.

Do you have other questions on the subjects covered in this module?

The subjects covered provide detailed insight on evolution by natural selection. I might like to know any explanations about how traits are passed from one generation to another based on Darwin’s theory given that the science of genetics had not yet been discovered.

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