How to write a nursing essay on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Prevention (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Prevention (Solved)

Overview of the Agency and Community Assessment

Bakersfield is a city located in kern county, California. Its economy is dependent on petroleum and agricultural industries (Ram, 2022). Approximately 21% of residents live in poverty, where single-headed families have higher rates than their counterparts (Ram, 2022). The main causes of employment are high rates of unemployment, low level of education, homelessness, disconnected youths, food insecurity, and poor health behaviors, i.e., teen births.

According to the Affordable Housing Needs Report 2020, there is a shortage of affordable houses in Bakersfield city (Ram, 2022). Approximately 30407 residents in kern county have no access to an affordable home. Also, only 23% of children have access to licensed childcare and school-age programs in Kern County (Ram, 2022). This is due to more low-income families in the county than their counterparts. Additionally, the larger population has poor insurance coverage for private and government schemes, contributing to poor health-seeking behavior.

Laboratory experience would occur in the medical club health center for this project. The teaching materials will be tested to determine their efficiency and effectiveness while the project will be conducted at Ridgeview High School, a public school in Bakersfield, California. The institution has 2,637 students in grades 9-12. As per state scores, 22% of students are proficient in mathematics and 60% in reading (Ridgeview, 2022). Teacher to student ratio is 1 to 24.

Ridgeview High School’s mission is “to provide programs and services to allow ALL students to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in the workplace and at the post-secondary level” (Ridgeview, 2022). The vision is “graduates will be prepared to become lifelong learners who will contribute to the community.  Students will become responsible learners through challenging “standards-based” course work who can communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems.  The collaboration of school, home, and community will prepare every graduate for the challenges of the future” (Ridgeview, 2022).

Preliminary Overview of the project

The identified public health issue is the increased prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STI’S) in the region (Bakersfield city, kern county). The Kern County Public Health Department has reported a 27% increase in chlamydia cases since 2010 and a Gonorrhea increase rate of 28%, which is the worst in California (Pierce, 2022). Additionally, the report indicates decreased reliance on condoms/prophylactics.

According to the California Department of public health, an individual contacts STI in kern county per hour (Pierce, 2022). There were 6348 chlamydia cases in kern county, which is 42% higher than the total state average. The rate represents 714 per 100,000 people. For gonorrhea, there were 1804 cases, which is 23 % more than the state average (Pierce, 2022). This rate is near 203 people per 100,000. The report indicates 253 primary and secondary syphilis cases, which is 90% higher than the state average. The rate represents 42 per 100,000 residents infected by both types of syphilis.

The increase in prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections was identified from health institution reports indicating a large population with STI seeking health care and reports from the California Department of Public Health, which shows the increased cases of STI’s.

The project’s title is Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Prevention, whereas the purpose of the project is to determine the prevalence, incidence, and causes of sexually Transmitted Infections among adolescents.

Planning of the Project

This project aims to reduce the increased prevalence and incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections by creating awareness. This is through teaching on STI’s, the causes, and possible prevention measures. After completing the project, the students will be aware of sexually transmitted infections and how they spread from one person to another. The students will be alert to the causative organisms and possible preventive measures of STIs. Through awareness and education on sexually transmitted infections and prevention, I envision adolescents will be responsible and accountable for their sexual and reproductive health.

In this project, I will engage the county administrator, head of the California Department of public health, and officials of Ridgeview high school to get permission to conduct my project. The stakeholders would be heads of health in the county, health workers, and teenagers. My instructors, supervisors, and peers are the ones who guide and give assistance where necessary in my entire project. I don’t anticipate any opposition to my project because it focuses on eradicating STIs, which is a county disaster. Finally, the project is realistic to be completed by the course stipulated time and available resources.

Policies, Principles, and Global Health

Some policies will influence and control the entire project. Over the past half-century, laws and policies have been created to increase adolescents’ access and participation in their sexual and reproductive health (Maslyanskaya & Alderman, 2019). One of the policies is confidentiality, protections for adolescents contained in “state minor consent laws,” which may limit disclosure of information on STI’s.

The other policy hinders adolescents from giving consent on their reproductive health; they require a parent or legal guardian to do so (Maslyanskaya & Alderman, 2019). This may prevent them from disclosing sensitive information on STI’s, which they would do on their own in the absence of parents or guardians.

In all stages of my project, I will uphold legal and ethical principles. I will ensure subjects’ information on STIs is kept confidential and not accessed by unauthorized personnel. Also, I will ensure autonomy and protect subjects with diminished autonomy (Yip et al., 2022). I will ensure all the information given is beneficial and not harmful to the study participants. Additionally, I will take the respondents’ consent before starting the project (Yip et al., 2022). The subjects will be fully aware of the project and know they can quit at any given time if necessary. Finally, all the approved protocols will be followed to the latter, there will be no bridging during data collection or when presenting the findings.

There is an increase in the prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections worldwide. The scenario makes this project relevant and can be completed globally. However, the environment plays a significant role in this project. The stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections may hinder those infected from participating or disclosing personal information. Additionally, stereotypes are associated with sexually transmitted diseases; for example, STIs are linked to immoral behaviors and prostitution. This can make individuals affected or infected do away with the project.

Personal Perception of the project

There have been an increased prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections in Bakersfield. Most of those infected and affected are my close associates. I find it necessary to make them aware of STIs and prevent them. Additionally, the management of sexually transmitted infections is expensive. Creating awareness on prevention measures and possible expenses may save the cost, which may be channeled to development purposes in the region.

Concerning my project, I don’t anticipate any particular obstacles. Sexually transmitted infections are a disaster worldwide, which requires support and cooperation from almost all bodies and organizations. I expect full participation and cooperation from Ridgeview High School because the project is relevant and applicable to its population.

I plan to engage health officials, county administrators, school officials, local religious leaders, and community activists in my project. They are the ones who will give the go-ahead of my project and support where necessary. Furthermore, I will utilize active listening as conflict management skills when communicating to stakeholders and subjects, which will foster trust between us. Also, in team-building, individuals work as a team rather than as individuals. They develop the team’s personality, set common goals, develop potential and facilitate team experiences. All this will be applicable in my project to avoid possible conflicts.

Key Words/ Search Topics

  1. Prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections among adolescents in California.
  2. Factors that contribute to sexually transmitted infections among adolescents in California.
  3. Health promotion and preventive strategies of sexually transmitted infections among adolescents in California.


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