How to write a nursing comparison essay (Solved)

How to write a nursing comparison essay (Solved)

Difference between telehealth and telemedicine

Telehealth is an umbrella term referring to different remote technological services used for healthcare delivery and improving the healthcare system. These services include healthcare provider training, clinical services, administrative meetings, etc. On the other hand, telemedicine refers to remote clinical services only.

Benefits of telehealth and telemedicine

More people and health institutions are using telehealth and telemedicine as they are more efficient and less expensive means to deliver and access quality healthcare services. According to Gajarawala and Pelkowski (2021), telemedicine can significantly minimize American health care expenditure by reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency room, prolonged hospitalizations, and medication misuse. Telehealth improves access to resources and patient care in remote areas with healthcare provider shortages. It also increases efficiency without additional net costs, minimizes patient wait and travel time. Telehealth and telemedicine are associated with high patient satisfaction through increased access to care and convenience (Gajarawala & Pelkowski, 2021). The benefits of telehealth and telemedicine were further highlighted during the COVID 19 pandemic, when social isolation was necessary to limit the spread of infection.

Limitations of telehealth and telemedicine

The most common limitation of telehealth and telemedicine is the use of technology among the elderly. Most elderly need assistance to maneuver the technology devices used to monitor patients and access consultation services. Also, the utilization of telehealth services in remote areas depends on internet strength. Most rural areas have slower internet bandwidth speeds compared to urban areas. Despite these limitations, telehealth will increase as more providers and patients become comfortable using technology instead of physical interactions.


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