How to write a nursing advocacy and Health Policy essay

How to write a nursing advocacy and Health Policy essay

Policymaking is a process that is traditionally observed to unfold in neat and predictable stages. This process is important in healthcare because it helps to establish guidelines that benefit patients, providers, and organizations (CNBC, 2018). A number of models have been developed to describe the process of policymaking and change. To address the needs of diverse populations through policy-making, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy process model can be the most suitable.

The CDC policy process model provides a systematic way that can be used to develop healthcare policies. This model specifically highlights the stages that can be used to adopt policies to address public health problems in the community. The two overarching domains of this model include stakeholder engagement and education and evaluation of the policy change (Porche, 2023). Stakeholder education is done to ensure that the key stakeholders are connected with the decision-makers. The change management agent is tasked with identifying the key stakeholders, assessing their knowledge, and implementing a communication plan and strategies to deliver the message. The evaluation domain of this model focuses on policy impact and outcomes (Porche, 2023). The key features of this phase include developing an evaluation plan, conducting an evaluation, and disseminating results.

The CDC policy process model contains five process domains that describe policymaking. Like any other model, the first stage involves the identification of the problem (Porche, 2023). The policymaker is tasked with determining the root cause of the public health problem and writing the problem statement. The problem statement seeks to define the true nature of the issue and to aid in capturing the attention of key stakeholders (Porche, 2023. The second domain deals with policy analysis whereby identification of all possible policy options is made. The next step will involve picking one policy initiative that can best serve to address the main problem.

The third domain in the CDC policy process model deals with strategy and policy development. It is important to include stakeholders in this stage because the process is not always straightforward (Porche, 2023). Stakeholders can include those who are affected by the policy like community leaders, those directly involved with the policy like funders, and those that can be affected by the new policy change like the local health departments (Dawes, 2020). The fourth domain involves policy enactment by following the official procedures for authorization. The involvement of stakeholders is key at this stage because they are the ones to enact and enforce the policy. The last stage of policymaking using the CDC model involves policy implementation. Planning for successful implementation will involve activities like educating people and monitoring the policy as needed.

The CDC policy process framework is best suitable for policy change because it highlights systematic ways to develop public health policies. The model emphasizes two key components of the policymaking process which include stakeholder engagement and evaluation of the results (Porche, 2023). This framework best describes how I might proceed with my advocacy priority because it gives power to the stakeholders. For example, addressing the issue of vulnerable populations and healthcare access issues will require the input of minority group leaders, local health departments, and local leaders. The support from key stakeholders has proven to be crucial in communicating change and pushing for the enactment of healthcare reforms (Ha et al., 2020). Additionally, the framework provides room for the policymakers to plan for other important factors like sufficient funding and human resources.


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