How to Title an Essay Complete Guide for 2023/24

How to Title an Essay Complete Guide for 2023/24

Writing an essay can be an enjoyable task if you have a strong command of the English language. However, when it comes to giving your essay an appropriate title, it can become a challenging task. The title of an essay holds significant importance as it can attract readers or deter them from reading further, even if the content is valuable. In this complete guide, we will explore how to create effective titles for essays and provide examples of titles for different types of essays.

Understanding the Role of an Essay Title:

An essay title should succinctly capture the essence of the entire content in just a few words. The title should pique the reader’s curiosity and make them want to explore the essay further. Creating a good title for an essay involves considering factors such as the type of essay and the target audience. A good title should possess the following qualities:

1. Precise and Clear: The title should be concise and avoid being wordy, as lengthy titles can be boring for readers.

2. Eye-Catching: The choice of words in the title should be captivating and draw the attention of the readers.

3. Easy to Understand: The wording of the title should be clear and easily comprehensible for the readers.

4. Active Voice: Titles should be in active voice to engage the readers effectively.

Differentiating Between Bad and Good Essay Titles:

There are indeed good and bad essay titles.


A bad title tends to have too many words, lacks clarity, uses bombastic language, employs passive voice, contains jumbled words, or seems far-fetched.


On the other hand, a good title is precise, eye-catching, uses simple language, adopts active voice, features accurate wording, and appears believable.

Title Examples for Different Types of Essays:

Various types of essays, such as argumentative essays, persuasive essays, creative essays, and research papers, require different approaches to titling. Let’s explore some examples of titles for different types of essays:

1. Argumentative Essay:

In an argumentative essay, the title should establish the writer’s standpoint and introduce the argument. Examples of argumentative essay titles include:
– “Legalizing Bhang: Examining the Pros and Cons”
– “The Government’s Unnecessary Spending: An In-depth Analysis”

2. Persuasive Essay:

Persuasive essays aim to convince readers to adopt a particular viewpoint. Examples of persuasive essay titles include:
– “The Importance of Allowing Students to Have Phones in School”
– “The Necessity of Homework in Schools: Fostering Learning or Burdening Students?”

3. Creative Essay:

Creative essays provoke emotions in readers and require attention-grabbing titles. Examples of creative essay titles include:
– “The Power of Music: How Heavy Metal Transformed My Life”
– “A Letter to My Younger Self: Lessons Learned Along the Way”

4. Research Paper:

Research papers necessitate descriptive titles that provide a glimpse of the content. Examples of research paper titles include:
– “Computer Security in the Modern World: Assessing Threats and Countermeasures”
– “Impacts of COVID-19 on Businesses: Challenges and Adaptations”

5. College Essay:

College essays, including personal statements and supplementary essays, require titles that are interactive, creative, and attention-grabbing. Examples of college essay titles include:
– “The Problem of Homelessness in the City: Seeking Solutions”
– “The Effects of Substance Abuse Among Youths: Breaking the Cycle”

Considerations for Titling an English Essay:

When titling an English essay, it is essential to select a title that accurately represents the content and captures the reader’s attention. Examples of English essay titles include:
– “The Power of Music: How Therapeutic Sounds Impact our Well-being”
– “Handling Sexuality Issues in Today’s World: Empowering Discussions and Awareness”

The Importance of a Captivating Essay Title:

The title of an essay is crucial as it serves as a mirror reflecting the entire content in just a few words. A captivating title can attract readers, while a poorly chosen one may fail to reach the intended audience. When titling your essay, remember to make it attention-grabbing, reflective of the essay’s tone, concise, and clear. Regardless of the essay type, a knockout title is a must-have.

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