How to conduct a Healthcare Policy and Analysis essay

How to conduct a Healthcare Policy and Analysis essay

Healthcare systems are rapidly developing and issues with policy formulation and implementation seem to be the most crucial aspects of change. Nurses need to be active in the development of healthcare policies to improve safety and quality care. Individual nurses, through professional healthcare organizations like ANA, must work by lobbying congress and executive agencies in matters of healthcare policy (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019). One of the most important areas I believe can be improved through policy change is workplace violence.

Workplace violence is a healthcare concern with immediate and long-term impacts on nurses. Incidents of violence can be physical or psychological and may include things like assaults, spitting, discrimination, bullying, and incivility among many others (Brous, 2018). Research establishes that nurses are most vulnerable to violence because they interact with many patient and work for long hours which increase vulnerability to abuse (Bernardes et al., 2021). There is sufficient evidence that nurses who work in busy departments like the ER and ICU report most cases of violence which significantly affect the work-related quality of life. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), workplace violence is the cause of about 13% of days away from work for healthcare workers (American Nurses Association (ANA), 2021). Improving this area can be an important step towards the promotion of the health of workers and the improvement of healthcare safety practices.

There are no current specific federal statutes that regulate workplace violence protections for nurses and other healthcare workers (ANA, 2021). Enacting laws that can ensure penalties for those found to promote violence in the workplace is required. These laws can be adopted at the State level to ensure offenders are punished for assaults and other forms of violence.


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