High Reliability in Health Care

High Reliability in Health Care – Long-Term Care

The reliability in healthcare from facilities and institutions is dependent on the quality of services being provided by the care centers over a period (Toussaint & Mannon, 2018). This goes hand in hand with various with the observation of multiple aspects including proper leadership, adherence to the organizational policies and principles as well as the application of various tools that enhance the standardization and persistence in their provision.

High reliability ought to be considered persistent mindfulness within an organization to ensure safety over other elements of performance. For high-reliability organizations, work is usually geared towards creating a surrounding that identifies potential problems, early detection and prompt response that prevent advance impacts to the organization (Cochrane et al., 2017). In so doing, the organizations can assess and manage various setbacks that come their way.

The reliable organization ought to create a safety culture that makes the surrounding favorable for both the care providers and the care users. The leadership is usually aimed at maximizing the use of available resources and at the same time improving the expertise of its working force. The strategic planning usually accommodates the existing supplies and the targeted population in meeting the needs anticipated by the organization.

In all instances, the highly reliable organizations work towards meeting and satisfying the patients’ needs. By providing holistic care to the patients, they tend to win their trust (DuPree & Chassin, 2016). At the same time, the process management and the services being offered by these organization are ever on monitoring and evaluation to determine their status as well as forming the basis of forging ahead. To ensure burnout and nurse fatigue is taken care of, the reliable organization ensures there is a favorable nurse to patient ratio to reduce the workload.


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