Global Health Agenda

Global Health Agenda
Global health is one of the agendas of the World Health Organization. Attaining and advancing global health is impossible without interdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, there is a need for having interdisciplinary collaboration among the different professionals responsible for providing care and promotion of public health. One of the opportunities for developing this approach is effective leadership. With effective leadership, different professionals can work with
a unified purpose of improving the health of the population (Begin., 2016). Also, good leadership ensures that there is effective and efficient utilization of resources by the people responsible for providing care to the population.

Global Health Agenda

Scientific knowledge from research is another opportunity for
the advancement of the public health agenda through interdisciplinary collaboration. Evidence- based knowledge will facilitate adaptation and sustenance of this approach.
Multiculturalism and diversity as well as policies in healthcare organization influences
leadership and evidence-based practice geared towards the achievement of inter-disciplinary
collaboration in advancing global health agenda. With effective policies and cultural diversity,
leaders can be more proactive and engage professionals with diverse cultural background and
skills hence improving the outcomes of health care services (Adams., 2016).

Global health is a diverse field with professionals from different cultures.
Good leadership can promote cultural competence among the different providers and consumers ofglobal health care services (Skolnik., 2015). Respecting cultural difference facilitate professional
development and satisfaction of the different health professionals hence promoting quality care
provision and subsequently better health outcomes, which are the goals of advancing global
health. Finally, effective policies from evidence-based practice and research impact the
interaction of the different health professionals. Positive inter-professional relationship promotes a conducive work environment which is essential in the development, advancement, and
sustenance of the global health agenda as a goal for the World Health Organization.


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